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Improve your overall cybersecurity capability by either upskilling your existing staff through our courses or enhancing your hiring process by selecting from a pool of not-just-certified, but adequately trained and experienced people.

Close your Cybersecurity team skills gap with London School of Cyber Security

Are you tired of having to think about the myriad of technical and soft skills that your cybersecurity team needs? Find out how we can help you close this gap.


Ensuring you have right people and skills to protect sensitive data, and ensuring business resilience

London School of Cyber Security proudly presents its Cybersecurity Enterprise Training, an unparalleled educational initiative designed to train and upskill people to have the necessary product agnostic cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities. This helps enterprises hire, build and maintain the right cybersecurity practice internally irrespective of the changing business or cybersecurity technology landscape. 

This helps save the valuable time, money and good-will that cybersecurity teams lose in allowing for its people to self-learn, guessing how they may apply a certain learning, make poor decisions and implement poorly defined security ecosystems. At LSCS, we will help them teach them how to apply the knowledge in a way that benefits and aligns with the business.

Key Features of Cyber security
Enterprise Training:

Expert Instructors​

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned cybersecurity professionals who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and real-world experience to the training program. Our instructors are adept at delivering engaging and insightful training sessions, ensuring an enriching learning experience for participants.

Hands-on Learning

Gain practical, hands-on experience through interactive workshops, simulations, and real-life case studies. Our training approach emphasizes practical application, allowing participants to develop the skills needed to effectively combat cyber threats and incidents within their organizations

Tool Agnostic Skills Learning

Quite often the purpose of a role is lost in how good or bad the tool in hand is. Our instructors will help you understand the key elements of the specific role that can easily transfer between tools. This will also enable you team to challenge the product vendors in a more constructive way so that you can get the maximum return on investment on the tool.

Compliance and Regulatory Guidance

Understand and adhere to industry-specific compliance requirements and regulations. Our training provides insights into the regulatory landscape, ensuring that your organization operates within the legal framework while managing cybersecurity risks effectively.

Industry Best Practice

Our instructors have implemented and operated security controls in over 300 organisations globally and bring the breadth and depth of knowledge required to help you understand the key challenges and opportunities in an enterprise environment. They will be able to guide you on how to navigate the organisation and stakeholders to add value to your role and be successful.

Soft Skills

Our instructors will help you learn not only the core technical skills required for your job, but also the soft skills such as verbal and written communication techniques and mechanisms you would be able to leverage to be successful in your career. We will also look at what standard reporting could be considered as part of a particular role.

Got more questions?

 If you want to speak to one of our Enterprise Training advisors, please select a time that works for you and our team will be happy to guide you through the details of our programs, how your organisation can benefit and clarify any additional queries.

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